Flushing Line to B Division? (513813)

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Posted by oakapple on Tue Jun 17 12:19:29 2003, in response to Re: Broadway Junction on the IND: UPDATE,
posted by Chris R27-R30 on Mon Jun 16 14:02:48 2003.

Converting the Flushing Line to B division standards would be one of the most disruptive transit projects imaginable, to say nothing of the expense. There is no way this could be done without reducing service dramatically over a period of several years while the construction was done.

You'd get far more bang for the buck by building brand new service in Queens, such as the QB "super express" that was supposed to be included when the 63rd St tunnel was built.

If you want to improve capacity on the Flushing Line, it could be done more cheaply with signalling improvements to allow more tph, or even lengthening the platforms to allow 12-car trains. The Flushing Line will never be upgraded to B division.


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