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Posted by Stephen Bauman on Tue Jun 17 22:51:28 2003, in response to Flushing Line to B Division?,
posted by oakapple on Tue Jun 17 12:19:29 2003.

If you want to improve capacity on the Flushing Line, it could be done more cheaply with signalling improvements to allow more tph...

There is plenty of unused capacity on the Flushing Line. They currently operate 28 tph (14 tph exp, 7 tph loc Main St and 7 tph loc 111th St). The used to operate 36 tph (18 tph exp, 6 loc Main St, 6 loc Willets Pt and 6 loc 111th St). They operated such service for nearly 25 years with R12/14/15's and R33/36's, until the 1970's fiscal crisis. The operated such service with 9, 10 and 11 cars per train.

On 13 April 2002, the TA demonstrated that they no longer have the organizational ability to operate Flushing Line service at greater than current levels. It ain't the signals.


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