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Posted by Jon on Mon Jun 23 16:07:11 2003, in response to Re: Flushing Line to B Division?,
posted by Stephen Bauman on Mon Jun 23 15:26:58 2003.

I'm grateful for your detailed reply. On the pre-war Bluebirds, though, doesn't that (quite amazing, nonetheless) emergency braking rate create some dangers? Ultimately I guess one would look to the second derivative of velocity with respect unto acceleration, that is to say the rate of change in acceleration, but it seems that there could be a risk of being too good at fast stops. Of course, this must be weighed against the prospect of actual collisions, so maybe you can't be too good. The rate of false stops would be needed to judge this, I think.

As I understand it, the distance between signal blocks must be such that emrgency braking would bring the train to a safe stop before it ran into ts leader. Accordingly, if emergency braking were improved, then I figure (am I wrong?) that more tph could be run. The question remaining or at least the one concerning me now, is of whether or not improving emergency braking would be cheaper than installation of a cbtc system, and what the respective increases in service per dollar spent on each (as well as how quickly these options could be implemented) option would be.

Or maybe this approach has some fallacy in it that others have seen and tus declined to follow. If this is so, it escapes my notice.


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