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Posted by ntrainride on Mon Jun 23 20:14:32 2003, in response to Re: Flushing Line to B Division?,
posted by Elias on Sat Jun 21 14:39:20 2003.

"...be connected to a new service running on the LIE ROW and making stops at several large park and ride facilities to be built at stretegic points..."

That's some forward thinking, man. And it truly is something that is needed. That is, the installation of new transit service along the Horace Harding Expressway corridor. Maybe 30 years ago the question of what such a service would do to the neighborhoods was valid. Now though, after years of fill in development, increasing population density, and a more urban feel to that stretch, some type of rail transit would be a fitting development.

But what form could it take? A subway? I don't know about that one. What could the design be, a tunnel under both service roads sounds expensive. I have never heard of that design ever being built. A subway on only one service road? Kind of an awkward configuration. Widen the main highway to incorporate a surface rail line? Pretty expensive too. Have you ever seen any drawings of the proposed service?

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