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Posted by oakapple on Wed Jun 18 16:18:22 2003, in response to Re: Flushing Line to B Division? Too Weird to even write,
posted by peppertree5706 on Tue Jun 17 19:12:36 2003.

Anyway don't be too hard on me, it is only a fantasy, but what do you think about this? Let's not be overly concerned about money in my fantasy.

The problem is, if you pretend money is no object, then the universe of desirable transit fantasies becomes infinite. Without money as a factor, then practically no system expansion is ever bad: we can just build them all!

Add two tubes to the Steinway tunnel and add two tracks up to Queens Plaza. Then where the Flushing becomes three tracks, add one track (perhaps above the three tracks).

Now here is the weird part... Have the two local tracks as division A tracks and have the two express tracks as division B tracks.

If you'll allow practicality to make a slight intrusion, it would be better to keep the whole line as A Division, as there is more routing flexibility that way.


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