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Posted by DTrain22 on Wed Jun 18 00:44:06 2003, in response to Re: Flushing Line to B Division?,
posted by David J. Greenberger on Tue Jun 17 17:34:54 2003.

Actually, with a 4th track, and making the 3rd track to B division standards, you could have the magical service from 2nd Ave thru 63rd St up the Flushing Line. The 2 express tracks would be for a Flushing-63 St-SAS line, while the 7 would use the local trax. With all the empty steelwork floating around at QBP they could find room to build a flying junction so they don't cross paths, and the FX tracks would dive into tunnel, turn north and head toward the dead-ended bellmouths from the super-express that was never built (63rd St). For the remainder of the (Flushing) line (E of QBP), the 4th track would be directly above the 3rd.

Even though the cost/benefit of this is not totally insane, it's still rather high, and will probably never happen. But it would add capacity. Heck maybe the SAS southern half can be designed so that A and B div can run together (yeah, right). But better than widening the Steinway tubes, right?


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