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Posted by Wayne-MrSlantR40 on Tue May 18 10:17:52 2004, in response to Re: Evolution of NYC Subway Tile,
posted by GP38 Chris on Tue May 18 09:52:29 2004.

Graham Avenue was one of the early "experiments", probably to see how much it would cost and how much effort it would take. One of the first large-scale reproductions was at 5th Avenue-60th Street in 1996.
Lorimer Street on the "L" was another, in 1998-9. This was one of the first to recreate entire tablets.

Going back in time, some of the earliest all-tile mosaics can be found on the Nassau Street line (Chambers, Canal, Bowery), ca.1913; and on the Fourth Avenue line (ca. 1913-15). Before that, they used a lot of cut-marble mosaics along with terra cotta elements. And they've even reproduced that - take a look at Atlantic Avenue IRT!



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