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Posted by Eric B on Tue May 18 18:36:30 2004, in response to Re: Evolution of NYC Subway Tile,
posted by GP38 Chris on Tue May 18 11:14:59 2004.

Yeah, those extensions were like the final missing link between the last BMT stations done, and the IND, which previewed in the 3 BMT stations. I always wondered when they were done. Bushwick-Aberdeen was done in 1928, and the three extensions in 1931, so I speculated they might have been 1929 or 1930. But someone, perhaps here, informed me they were done in the late 40's. That made it a retro design, thought it retained features of current IND style.
Also worth mention is a short section of wall on the southbound 1 platform at Columbus Circle, with a single mosaic name tablet. It is like the Lex. extensions, having elements of the ornate old style and the IND. It is even closer to the IND in using square tiles (instead of rectangular staggered tiles used on Lex to match the 1904 tiles)., and the exit name and arrow tiles fit without the little mosaic sized tiles outlining the ones on the Lex. to make it fit the rectangular tiles.

Also another transition was 57th St. 6th Av., which was the next stage after the 60's style in that it left out even the frieze band. Just all plain vertically rectangular tiles with the station name printed in black on the off-white tile.
Just imagine if 2nd Av. or even the 2nd system had opened around that time; then we'd have whole lines of that.


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