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Posted by Wayne-MrSlantR40 on Tue May 18 12:40:05 2004, in response to Re: Evolution of NYC Subway Tile,
posted by GP38 Chris on Tue May 18 11:14:59 2004.

I would think the same artistic forces were at work in both the IND AND the IRT at roughly the same time, but in keeping with the more ornate IRT stations, decided to make the design a bit more elaborate. In the IND stations, they were building straight of of scratch, rather than extending an existing facility, so the designs for the IND stations were simplified and codified. A lot of the IRT stations used the black-on-white captions (numerous examples such as 103, 145, 157, 191, Hoyt, etc.) and it looks like this school of design carried over to the IND (and the three BMT stations opened in the early 30s).



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