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Posted by American Pig on Tue May 18 16:46:08 2004, in response to Re: Evolution of NYC Subway Tile,
posted by GP38 Chris on Tue May 18 11:14:59 2004.

But I always thought that the extensions were done in the 1940s, not the 1930s.

If the IND copied the IND, that would make a lot of sense, as it would be a continual trend of simplification, whereas if the IRT copied the IND, that would be a brief spike in detail, before further simplification.

155th, 167th and 170th on the Concourse Line and York Street use wide, alternating brick-type tiles and date back to the same time the surrounding, "normal" stations were built.

I've asked why in the past, but didn't get an answer. York also has the station name in the tile band.


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