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Posted by ar on Tue Aug 6 01:04:22 2002, in response to Re: B23 (was Re: A proposal for expanding the franchise system (long)),
posted by David J. Greenberger on Tue Aug 6 00:28:09 2002.

Subways: All except the G...NYMTC reports that the subways have an operating ratio of 1.04

Bronx buses: BX1, BX2, BX4 fused with BX31, BX5 fused with the BX29, BX7 fused with M100, BX9, BX10 fused with the BX22, BX12, BX15, BX19, BX31, BX36, BX40/BX42, BX55

Manhattan buses: Most of them stay, but the following would die: M8, M9, M21, M22, M30, M57, M106, X25, X90, X92
FUSED buses: M18/M102 (rerouted via 106 Street), M98/BX20 (BX20 would be slashed to rush hours only)

Queens routes: Q1, Q3, Q5, Q17, Q20/Q44, Q24, Q46, Q83
RUSH HOURS ONLY: Q12, Q26, Q27, Q30, Q31, Q85

Brooklyn: B3, B6, B8, B12, B15, B20, B25, B35, B41, B44, B49, B52, B60, B82
RUSH HOURS ONLY: B1, B4, B17, B37, B47, B57, B83

Staten Island: S78 (this is from previous research of mine into the relative profitability of certain routes under private operation)

The routes listed are not necessarily the IMPORTANT routes. This is what could support itself. The ridership on every single line would be substantially lower than current volumes because connectivity would be drastically reduced.

No one would be happy with the above system except Manhattan residents, who wouldn't notice too much. No one in their right minds would advocate for such a system. However, a hybrid network, consisting of our current 231 MTA routes, the 82 NYCDOT routes, and a new network of private, unsubsidized routes could increase ridership on all systems due to better connectivity. A Fordham to Jamaica express bus could connect two important transit centers and improve the commute from Long Island and Queens to the Bronx and Westchester. MANY Long Islanders work in the Bronx and Westchester and would appreciate an express bus connecting Metro-North and the Long Island Rail Road.

While we do not operate the B23 to make money, we do expect the B23 to be a useful option in the community. Any bus service carrying less than 10 people per trip in one of the most densely populated cities in the world needs to be fixed FAST.


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