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Posted by gbs on Thu Aug 2 13:10:28 2001, in response to Re: 76th Street IND Station,
posted by Bill Newkirk on Thu Aug 2 11:39:43 2001.

Coming after red Utica Ave, Bway/East New York (and the following local stations) should have been purple, and Euclid Ave (and its following local stations) should have been blue. According to the original IND pattern of purple-blue-green-yellow-red, purple follows red (as purple 42 St follows red 34th St-Penn Sta, purple Queens Plaza follows red Ely Ave, purple Fordham Rd follows red Tremont Av, purple 179 St follows red Parsons Blvd). In "Uptown, Downtown" Stan says that someone forgot the color scheme, but I've never believed that. I don't know why Bway/East New York was mis-tiled.

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