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Posted by Bill Newkirk on Thu Aug 2 11:39:43 2001, in response to 76th Street IND Station,
posted by Joe Saitta on Thu Aug 2 10:32:20 2001.

Now I'm getting interested all over again.

Steve who said he spoke with some TA workers years ago who said they claimed seeing the station itself, claimed that the station tiles were blue.

I would think they should be purple. Why ?

Start at Bway/Easy New York. The tile band is blue. All local stations east of Bway/ENY are also blue but a verticle rectangular size. Next Express station, Euclid Ave, purple tiles. That means all local stations east of Euclid Ave should have a purple tile code.
Grant Ave. doesn't count, since it is a diverging route and the tile code is green.

Anyone agree with this ?

Bill "Newkirk"


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