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Posted by ar on Tue Aug 6 11:01:24 2002, in response to Re: A proposal ... TRANSFERS,
posted by Thurston on Tue Aug 6 09:00:53 2002.

I came up with a blockbuster at 3AM this morning (yeah, I have issues...I may need medication). Greyhound runs a shuttle bus from Brooklyn to Port Authority to connect with other Greyhound routes. New York Waterway runs shuttle buses into Midtown from their ferries. If I run a bus from Staten Island to Manhattan via New Jersey, I can have buses connect with that service, charge no fare for that segment, but require that they have a ticket to or from the Staten Island bus. Whether they make the transfer or not is none of my business :)

Now I can run ANYWHERE I want to, even on top of other services if I wasn't into making lots of money. Since I'd like to make real money, I would find a poorly served or untouched market and CONNECT to a service that I can run now. As long as it connects, it's legal. It's like Railroad Tycoon 2, where you can only lay tracks from your existing line. I AM SUCH AN IDIOT! WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THIS BEFORE?

Thurston, IIRC, Atlantic Express only has to cough up six percent of their total revenue to MTA. How are they taking half of the base fare from the companies? It is also interesting to find that MTA refers private bus companies to NYCDOT for fareboxes. If it's their system, why would they do that?

We love cops...they make our buses a more secure environment. If they are in uniform, I'll give them a deal. As for TA and other employees...find me some MetroCard fareboxes, a deal equivalent to Atlantic Express for a service charge, and we can initiate a discussion. If I have to run extra buses to provide more comprehensive services, then TA and franchise workers can't get a deal. We can also give seniors, the disabled, and students (elementary, high school, and COLLEGE too) a deal...it won't be free, but maybe 25%-30% off the fare seems reasonable except during peak periods. Peak periods which last 24 hours per day...j/k :D

NOW I have found the key! IT'S ALIVE, IT'S ALIVE! MWAHAHAHAHA!

P.S.-Azumah Transport is now looking for investors. Please e-mail me and let's make it happen.

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