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Posted by Thurston on Tue Aug 6 09:00:53 2002, in response to Re: A proposal for expanding the franchise system (long),
posted by ar on Mon Aug 5 16:02:53 2002.

Hmmmm ... I had a thought:

This new private operator who is going to make a profit at moving folks throughout the City ... will his drivers accept:

- Transfers ? Maybe you can work the same deal as LI Bus, i.e. get to charge them something.
- MetroCards (guess what the TA won't let you keep 1.50, would you believe you'll only get a little over half) can you make a profit on that ?
- Students: The "free" ones, you won't get 1.50 a piece
- Seniors/Disabled: 75 cents less the TAs service charge
- TA & other "private" operator employees ... how about a cop with a gun ?

Now who's this deal going to be with ? Probally the City, well guess what they are bound to buy only CNG buses, that will increase your cost to maintain your fleet, a lot !

Sorry for the rain on your parade ... this doesn't change my belief that your ideas deserve consideration.


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