MOD teasers and post-mortem (including harassment) (726149)

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Posted by Fred G on Sun Jun 20 10:21:49 2004

Thanks to the guys at subdivision C, we had a truly rewarding railroad experience yesterday. Here are a couple of photos hot off the press.

After the trip broke up at Junction Blvd, I rode a Manhattan bound 7 accompanying John V and Koi, among others whose names I forget (sorry). I exited at 46th, grabbed photos and then moved on to 40th/Lowery where I photographed an incoming train. I greeted the glaring T/O and he responds "I'm not good, it's against the law to take photos". I responded that it wasn't illegal YET to which he replied "Do you want me to call the cops?" "Sure", I sez, "I'll argue the point with them too. What's your supervisor's name?" He told me again the photography was illegal, and it became an "Is - Is Not" kinda argument before he finally realized that his job was to get the train to the next station. Me, I remained at the station, took more pics and looked out for some police to show up. None did, so after about a half hour I left.

GCT - I stepped outside and noticed a larger than normal police prescence and before I could ask, I noticed a group of runners with one carrying a torch! WTF?

More stories and pics later. Today I'm going fishing.

Your pal,


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