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SubTalk: Re: So, I rode RiverLine and PATCO today (703401)

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Re: So, I rode RiverLine and PATCO today

Posted by American Pig on Fri May 7 17:55:57 2004, in response to Re: So, I rode RiverLine and PATCO today,
posted by Basman on Fri May 7 17:05:54 2004.

PATCO began operating on January 4, 1969 from City Hall to Lindenwold and to 16th/15th on February 15, 1969. Woodcrest opened on the existing line on February 1, 1980. Prior to that, it was the PTC Bridge Line which ran from 16-15 to Broadway Camden. PATCO built the extension to Lindenwold via the old PRSL Main line to Atlantic City.

The PTC bridge line was closed for renovation on December 28, 1968. Just a short time before that, on August 27, 1968 a separate station was built at 8th/Market for BRS trains. Previously, Bridge and Ridge (no pun intended) trains shared the 8th/Market platform.

The PTC Bridge line opened around on June 6, 1936. The extension from 8th/Market to 16th/15th opened on February 15, 1953.

As for Franklin Square, its operating dates were:

June 6, 1936-July 10, 1939 and May 14, 1976-September 9, 1979.

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