Re: How was it to ride the subway lines in the 60's and 70's? (93552)

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Posted by Steve B-8AVEXP on Tue Feb 8 08:37:31 2000, in response to Re: How was it to ride the subway lines in the 60's and 70's?,
posted by Steve Hoskins on Mon Feb 7 18:54:38 2000.

Those "funny loop thingies" you saw on the R-15 cab ends were radio antennas.

The BMT number code was never consistently applied to rolling stock, since the majority of their fleet - BMT standards - didn't have end signs. Unless you happened to be riding on a train of Triplexes, oddball units, multisectionals, or R-16s (or if you got lucky, an occasional train of R-1s on loan or R-10s), you wouldn't see anything except route and destination signs on the car sides.

I also remember very well when the R-32s first appeared on the D. They would glide into 34th St as opposed to the R-1/9s, which lumbered, snarled, and hissed. They streaked effortlessly along that CPW express dash, whereas the R-10s thundered and the oldtimers howled - or should I say hauled? - ass.

As for the 42nd St. shuttle, chances are what you saw were the World's Fair Lo-Vs, built in 1938. They were the last IRT-designed cars.


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