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Posted by SelkirkTMO on Fri Apr 16 07:57:28 2004, in response to Re: Transit Museum Excursion Train, Sunday, April 18,
posted by JohnS on Fri Apr 16 07:10:19 2004.

GOD BLESS C DIVISION! Doesn't it figure those lowly Civil Service types would put more oomph into it than the educrats? :(

Don't mind me, that whole "Metro North HOURLIES rip off the state" nonsense in another thread HONKED me off ... they never DO go after the time-card signers, so-called "salaried appointees" who take 6 hour lunches EVERY day or those who were appointed and make six figures and were never ONCE spotted by any of the foot soldiers on premises or worse, the Al D'Amatos of the world who are going to be cut a check for 5% of the TOTAL R-160 order for "making arrangements with the Paturkey in exchange for meeting the technical specifications of the proposed RFP" ... Aggggh.

My APPRECIATION deeply extended to those who do the MOD trips, and for those who can give so willingly and freely of themselves for not a dime at ALL at the museums. While most media and the public in general seem to loathe the dedicated people who run our trains, who fix our trains, the track and signals that they run on and do their very best to "make things go" they are subjected to "Spanish inquisitions" like this while the "ruling class" types run free, owing people nothing for their biweekly nut. Discouraged me to no end watching "agency execs" in the ones I work for rarely or never putting in an "appearance."

Meanwhile, the dedicated, hard-working people who give us these treats are subject to being sent downtown on a whim. Meanwhile, their superiots EXEMPTED themselves from the very BS THEY created. :(

Perfect example:

* At a special Friday evening session of the New Mexico House of Representatives in February (on health insurance taxes), Democratic leaders needed Rep. Bengie Regensberg for a vote and sent state police to retrieve him at the motel where he was staying temporarily. Troopers reported having to subdue and handcuff Regensberg, who was naked, combative and "likely intoxicated." (Regensberg said the troopers were too rough with him.) [KQRE-TV (Albuquerque), 2-16-04]

REALITY: I have friends and family in the State Police. At least ONCE every 48 hours, while the sausage works is in session, a legislator is pulled over for "erratic driving on the Thruway" ... every NINE hours, a state agency "policial appointee" is pulled over for same. According to the LAW, a police officer *CANNOT* arrest a porker if they're headed TOWARDS Albany on "official business." And of course since Smallbany rolls up their sidewalks at 16:45, they're not going to be TOO looped headed AWAY from Albany ... when was the last time any WIG got sent down to whiz in the cup?

Forgive me my "class warfare" thingy here, but it REALLY honks me off with being shat upon as a Civil Servant who CARED, and the nouveau "Ruling Class" who have one set of rules for *US* and an entirely different set for themselves. I'd like to SEE every damned legislator and political hack whiz in the random bottle and then go off to jail. DOUBLY for those who steal FAR more than $15-30 an hour and are no-shows themselves. Fair is FAIR.

GOD BLESS C Division! And the various volunteers at the museums! THANK YOU for what y'all DO!

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