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Posted by JohnS on Fri Apr 16 07:10:19 2004, in response to Re: Transit Museum Excursion Train, Sunday, April 18,
posted by Legends of the IRT on Thu Apr 15 23:34:28 2004.

>>>"Are reservations still recommended or is paying at the boarding location the only option at this point?"<<<

Transit Museum "Nostalgia Trains" are by reservation only.
Call New York Transit Museum Events Line at 718-694-1867 to reserve.

All MOD Excursion Trips are now POB, Day of Trip.

BTW, MOD trips are excursions, Transit Museum Nostalgia Trains are
just that a Train of Vintage Cars that takes you from Departure to
a Destination and nearby attractions besides lunch and return.

8 > ) ~ Sparky


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