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Posted by Dan Lawrence on Thu Mar 11 14:33:19 2004, in response to Re: One hundred years from now -- NO, NOT EVEN ONE DAY!!!,
posted by Rail Blue on Tue Mar 9 13:55:20 2004.

I seem to remember his book was on either the Chicago L or the Astoria El.

His writing style is very odd...totally in longhand, rambling and hard to read. When I was the editor of the BDM's newletter, the Live Wire, he gave me a article on his "crossing the bridge", his view of being the first African-American to become qualified at BSM. It was all longhand, rambling and somewhat racial in tone. It never got in, and when I resigned after 18 years as Editor, it won't. Since he quit, the operating staff went back to 100 Caucasian. Not our fault.

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