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Posted by Dan Lawrence on Tue Mar 9 11:49:02 2004, in response to Re: One hundred years from now -- NO, NOT EVEN ONE DAY!!!,
posted by Allan on Tue Mar 9 09:47:56 2004.

Yep, that's EDS.

Our policy at BSM is we don't care what color you happen to have, if you want to join us and be an active member, that's fine.

Our Superintendant of Transportation had to sit on Eric, firstly because he was injection too much "black" into the on-car talk, plus he had three accidents in the year he was in Transportation, one not chargeable and two that were charged.

He was never qualifed as an Operator, and when he applied for one man training, the Chief Instructor denied it. Eric quit the Museum, claiming the only reason was because he is black.

We learned later that he had been teaching at Morgan State University, but had been discharged due to his attitude.

He's a nice guy with a strange view of the world and life in general.


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