TRIP REPORT: The Q Diamd train party (661721)

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Posted by Newkirk Plaza David on Sat Feb 21 00:06:07 2004

What a night:

We took off at 8:35 from Brighton Beach to 57/7 and back. LinclN, AP, Operational Engineer, New Flyer, Thru-Express and the VC Madman (Ozzy) were having fun. AP was in the front car on the N/B run while the others took the last car, peacefully I should say. We were laughing at the errors on the maps and all the good stuff us railfanners had to enjoy. Some of the funniest moments didn't happen with the partygoers (not related to Subtalk), it was so funny when Lncoln asked me a question and I whipped out a couple of prior Subtalk posts. Man, really I cannot keep secrets any much longer, lets just say that I had LincolN and Trevor on the floor (Have you seen this person on the Q train somewhere?). Getting back to the trip, at Atlantic Ave on the S/B side was another Q diamond with the incorrect rollsign (Had Orange S and starting from 59th st/CC). Over the bridge and arriving at 57/7 we took off two minutes earlier at 2122 and enjoyed the ride, or so it seemed.

At 14th st/Union Square, a large contient of photographers snapped their flashes as our train started to arrive at the station. I though there was a secret bunch of Subtalkers who were goig to join us at the first car. No it was a freaking party group that took oer the last 2 cars and trashed them by the time we got to Brighton Beach. I mean I was the first one to see this nonsense. The Q bllet cutouts were hanging all over the place with signs, loud boom-boxes, drking, partying, really got out of hand. They were holding up the train at every stop in Brooklyn as if they didn't want this to end. By the time the smoke cleared, a rollsign was ripped apart at one of the last two cars, confetti was all over the place. Most of us witnessed this ritual in one form or another. A gate keeper was stationed outside the last 2 cars as lookout. I mean it was ike Webster Hall on the BMT

We arrived back at Brighton beach and caught the next Q train out of there before something happened (I think AP went out somewhere else, we were too fast.) Suddely there was a fight between me and Ozzy but it was all fun.

Really despite a few trolls on this board, most of us Subtalkers really have class and know how to hae a good time while respecting our subway we ove so much. Thanks for a wonderful time.



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