And The MOD R-1/9 Train Is Rolling [12/27/2003]!!! (630583)

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Posted by William A. Padron on Sat Dec 27 11:25:05 2003

Okay, the MOD R-1/9 train was spotted at 47th-50th Street/Rockefeller Center [IND 6th Avenue line] on Saturday 12/27/2003 at 10:52am on the SB side - the "D" route track, and at 11:01am on the NB side - the "F/V" route track (all times Eastern). The train was in and out of 34th Street-6th Avenue very quickly. As I am writing this message, the train is heading towards Queens Plaza by taking the 53rd Street tunnel.

The cars in the consist are s/484-1575-401-100/n, and the train itself is decorated with Christmas motif, including pointsetta red bows at both front ends. At 484's end, it is signed up now "BB 6th Ave. - Sixth Ave.-34th St.", while at #100's end is just "S - Special", but that will probably change later on the trip. Yes, R-4 car #401 now has its *original* number back from being "491", and R-1 car #100 does indeed have its green exterior in a different color tone.

-William A. Padron
["Wash.Hts.-6th Av.Lcl."]


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