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Posted by randyo573 on Fri Oct 31 05:51:33 2003, in response to Re: Holding Lights Question,
posted by DTrain22 on Tue Oct 28 16:26:20 2003.

In the 1944 IND rule book, the bank of orange lights were designated as "starting Lights" at all locations which had them. The problem was that some esoteric stations suuch as Bedford/Nostrand on the "GG" line had them and there was some confusion as to where they were, so the Board of Transp. decided that they would ony be starting lights at terminals and holding lights at gap stations. At stations with both through trains and originating trains such as Canal St. BMT, 137 St, or Euclid Av., they were holding lights for through trains and starting lights for originating trains. The only exception th this that I am aware of is 86 St on the Sea Beach Line where the lights were designated as holding lights for all trains including the CI yard put ins. When the Chicago establishment tokk over Operations Planning in the mid 1980s, Chicago style green starting lights were introduced to eliminate confusion. Since I have retired, I'm not quite sure what the current rule is at combination gap stations/terminals, but maybe an active employee can provide more up to date info.


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