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Posted by GP38 Chris on Wed Apr 30 15:06:04 2003, in response to Re: Group PHOTO from Peggy's Eastern Div Tour Today (200KB),
posted by Qtraindash7 on Wed Apr 30 00:29:26 2003.

That neighborhood is not scarey. Actually it's so much better than I remembered it. I'm amazed at all the new construction along the L line between Wilson and East 105th Street. It's really becoming a viable neighborhood again.
The same goes for the J between Myrtle-Broadway and Broadway Junction. That section still has a way to go, but the turn around is remarkable (especially the way I remember it from around 1985).
I spent a whole day along those two sections of the L and the J a few weeks ago. No one bothered me, I felt perfectly safe, and had a great time snapping away photos. I even left the system a few times and walked under the els and to get some food or drink. I don't know if I'd do that at night in some areas, but during the day it's perfectly safe.
I love exploring the city, and each neighborhood has something of interest, but as for that part of the L and the J, I'm fine with it. But each person has to be comfortable in what they do. What works for some may not work for others.

Chauncey St

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