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Posted by DTrain22 on Sun Apr 27 21:36:15 2003, in response to Group PHOTO from Peggy's Eastern Div Tour Today (200KB),
posted by Chapter 11 Choo Choo on Sun Apr 27 15:45:57 2003.

That's me on the right, in the blue jacket, at the top of the stairs, grinning at the irony that I'm standing here in a photo with everyone else in front of my home stop, Wilson Ave. My house is like three blocks away from here. I felt like I was in some kind of Twilight Zone episode or something; I had just been through there this morning. I didn't recognize half the people until reading this thread; I'd only identified 5 people while there.

We started out with 25 at Herald Square and ended up with 4 at Delancey/Essex. Three people left @ Myrtle/Wyckoff, a few left @ Atlantic/Sneidker, half of those remaining left @ 121st/Jamaica, some more ducked out @ Bway Jct, one @ Halsey, two @ Myrtle/Bway, and then the other two disappeared over the Williamsburg Bridge when four of us started taking photos of two passing J's. For the first time ever I unconciously nearly ran out of photos (99/106). I learned a lot of interesting stuff about the abandoned Bowery mezzaine, the art at Canal Street, the Chestnut Street Incline, the Cypress Hills Terminal, and I saw an abandoned LIRR line that I'd never noticed before (despite passing through there several dozen times looking for exactly such things).

Somebody made a joke about a "Redbird Alert" when we were at Crescent Street, joking of course, but what he probably didn't know is that there was an Redbird car (R-27) about three blocks away inside my school.


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