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Posted by GP38 Chris on Sun Apr 27 19:52:09 2003, in response to Group PHOTO from Peggy's Eastern Div Tour Today (200KB),
posted by Chapter 11 Choo Choo on Sun Apr 27 15:45:57 2003.

Yeah, a good time was had by all I think. I got a chance to talk to a few subtalkers I have never met, although did miss a few....we need, "Hi, My SubTalk Handle is....." tags.
But it sure was a busy day, and it was nice to see the lines I am so used to from a totally different perspective, and learned some new things about them. I'm sure someone will rehash all what we did (and it was a lot!), but I better get to my dinner before it gets cold (continuing the healthy food day I've had - Penn Station donuts for breakfast, Myrtle-Wyckoff White Castle for lunch, and now Taco Bell....)
We had a very large group when we started out, and kept most right through to the Jamaica El. Many went our seperate ways at 121st St, and I stayed with the "extended tour" until Myrtle-Broadway when I left (I walked into poison ivy this past week, and it was really starting to irritate my leg by the Jamaica El and there was no way I would be comfortable walking over the WillyB with that, but would've liked to, as I hadn't done it in years - since the old walkway was there).
So thanks Peggy for a great tour, and thanks to all the SubTalkers that helped make it a success.


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