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Posted by Jersey Mike on Tue Sep 11 00:51:54 2001, in response to Re: One hundred years from now,
posted by Philip Nasadowski on Tue Sep 11 00:26:11 2001.

Cars would use (by this time) inexpensive, single piece, unibody, carbon fiber bodies, riding on aluminum alloy trucks, possibly even axles and wheels.

Until the first crash that kills hundreds. Federal rugulations bring back stainless steel.

and active computer controlled dampers, making a ride so smooth you can balance coins on handrails.

Too many people fall asleep and miss their stop. Noisy cars demanded by riders and railfans.

Trucks would be radial.

Doubt it. Radial technology is not needed on B-B trucks.

Cars could sense the passenger loads, and automated voices in stations would guide passengers to empty cars.

Until vandalized or confused my illogical human patterns.

Fare access would be via a small wand type farepass. This could be purchased or refilled virtually anywhere, and would also provide fares for commuter and high speed lines in the area

With the govermnent or MicroSoft tracking your every move.


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