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Posted by Fishbowl-474 on Sun Aug 4 20:09:43 2002, in response to A proposal for expanding the franchise system (long),
posted by ar on Sun Aug 4 19:40:26 2002.

The system in Westchester seems to be working well. The big difference seems to be the subsidy provider Westchester County DOT. They genuinely have an interest in providing the correct schedule that meets the ridership demand. Frequent updates, modifications, adjustments, etc. are made. Whereas the NYCDOT just looks at the expense and says no. Reductions in service are Okay. But if a bus route is overloaded and additions are needed, the answer is, "We'll look at it." (takes 3-6 months for this) then the answer is "NO its too costly." Is this any way to run a bus line??

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