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Posted by Newkirk Plaza David on Sun Jul 25 22:27:29 2004

ROUTE: From 59/CC along D line, over Manhattan Bridge, and Q Brighton Line to Church Ave, express track (you could also say it was running along the B line to Church Ave.). IND and BU trains uncouple and start their express runs down to Ocean Parkway, the IND consist goes first, followed by the BU. They "rejoin" at Ocean Parkway and run to Stillwell, track 3 for an extended (90 min) lunch. Train lays up at yard and return to Stillwell, this time on track 6 for the Culver runs. Train runs up Culver, via. middle track after Ave X to Kings Highway. Cars uncouple and start race up to 18th Ave and return. The BU cars are in front, so they move up past KH interlocking so the IND cars can switch over to local track. They race side by side to 18t Ae, the IND cars on the local tracvk go ahead to north of Ditmas Ave and relay there, whle the BU cars sit at 18th Ave. They race back down to KH. Second and third round trippers, the BU cars run solo while the IND is moved over to the express track. After the 3rd trip, they rejoin back together and run down to CI yard, through yard loop and arond to Sea Beach tail tracks and Sea Beach line to Fort Hamilton Parkway. Photo stop at FHP, and customers are instructed to board the IND cars for final run up ea Beach, 4th Ave express, Dekalb bypass, Manhattan Bridge, and 6th Ave express to 59/CC and end of trip. Train returns to 207th yard to be put to sleep for 2 weeks

I missed the consist by 30 SECONDS, as I watched helplessly leaving 59/CC from an A train I was on. So I ran back to Church Ave to catch up with the crew and and went ahead to Beverley Road for a couple of photos. Jehuty tells Bombardies of a perfect spot to take photos there, after both trains passed by. We also saw the C/R position monitors not working. :-\ I caught up at OP and we went to Stllwell for a well deserved 90 minute lunch. I sneaked over to Wonder Wheel for some really AWESOME photos there. After lunch, we met up at the F line..eh no; make that the G line platform, for some group photos. The horns of the BU cars alerted us and we boarded and took off. I used the graveyard station, 22nd Ave-BP for what I witnessed and AWESOME display of IND and BU cars acing side by side. Before that happened, a REDBIRD garbage train was running down the S/B side and stopped at every station for trash pickup, plenty of time for me to take many photos. I took that station, went to 18th Ave, back to Ave I, and finished up at Kings Highway. One the 3rd ru, a MOD customer or passer by, was on the street, taking a photo and waving at us. The cars joined back together as a confused person was waiting for a Manhattan-bound F train, I tried to help her. Wer also saw a lovely and exquisite female C/R on oe N/B G train who gave us a nice smile and waved at us. I also chatted with another C/R I knew from awhile ago, and in the process accidently bumped into a Subtalker standing on the platform. After our C/R told me of my mistake, I corrected myself. We ran down to CI yard, saw the 2 R16's inside the yard, sleeing peacefully, and MORE REDBIRDS too. After Ft. Hamilton photo, there was so much laughter from us, first the C/R was eyballing me (Brian will post the photos, WOW! ARE YOU READY FOR THIS?) This was some staredown we had. :-D The second event was the "duel of the cameras" as a buch of us were literally "shooting" at other Subtalkers at close range. Plenty of "bullet flashes" were flying all over #1575, it was mad fun. The trip ended at 6:15 at 59 and I went back to Brooklyn for these posts.

Subtalker List:

Sir. Rondald of McDonald
David of Broadway
T-Broadway West End
Jehuty V.2
Thru Express
Fred G.
NJ Coast Express
ChooChoo Bob
Jared Magrid
Sonic McTails
Keystone Pete
Transit ChuckGreene
Harry P.
Chris SINY_R143

Thanks everyone, I had a great time. See you on the 14th.


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