PHOTOS: MOD Trip & 207th Yard (741118)

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Posted by Amanda on Mon Jul 19 16:58:58 2004

NOTE: All 207 yard pictures were not taken by me, but by a buddy of mine

It was a hazy, somewhat rainy day...

But the Brooklyn Union cars and IND museum cars decided to come out and play. After splitting up and having a good run down the Brighton line, they got back together and decided to take a rest at Brighton Beach. Brooklyn Union Car 1404 decided to pose for some pictures - isn't she gorgeous? But of course, the inner beauty counts as much as the outer beauty. Just how does she stay so young and fresh-looking? Some sunshine and plenty of sleep in 207th St. Yard's barn.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

The D-types were grounded and depressed that they, too, couldn't go out and play. If they had stayed in the barn, they would have realized they weren't alone: an R-15, an R-17, and an R-33 were left behind, also. One R-110B was in so much trouble that he was stripped of his destination rollsign. An R-38 was sent to the psychiatric ward because, apparently, he was having an identity crisis (can you believe he thought he was a K train?) There was also a pair of R-62As who felt a little dizzy, so they decided to call in sick and go to the infirmary. The museum cars came back and joined their friends early in the evening.

So ends a day in the busy lives of subway cars.


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