TRIP REPORT: MOD BU cars on Brighton/West End (740641)

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Posted by Newkirk Plaza David on Sun Jul 18 20:00:45 2004

ROUTE: From 59/CC, via. 6th Ave Express, Manhattan Bridge and Brighton Line to Church Ave. Arnines and BU cars uncouple for solo BU run down Brighton Express to the Beach. Relay at Brighton Beach for 1 round trip to Kings Highway and return. Trains lay up somewhere along Kings Highway and return. Arnines and BU are rejoined together. From Brighton Beach to Stillwell, Track #1. Leave Stillwell to West End local track, towards 9th Ave, then loop once around 38th St Yard. Return to 9th Ave, middle track and run to 62nd St. Relay at 62nd St to go back to 9th Ave, then one more loop around 38th St yard. After returning to 9th Ave, relay again, then return to 59/CC via. 4th Ave express, bridge, and 6th Ave express for trip to end there.

We really didn't have much to say about as the cars had a nice run with plenty of exciting things outside of the trip. There was the poor "mismatched" R32 Q train out again, only this time, a paper Q was on #3776 on the south end. I enjoyed the nice outdoor run on the Brighto line, taking in the breeze from standing on the outside portion of the BU cars. Plenty of shocked and dazed people staring at a 101 year old trainset. Lunch at Brighton Beach was from 1 to 2 as I went home to grab a bite and returned to BB just in time. I tagged ahead with the poor R32 Q train and it was scheduled for lay up when I got to Stillwell. We went up the West end a few times as the last trip around 38th St yard was slow (did they do this on purpose?) as the rain was coming down hard and we were waiting at 9th Ave for the last photos before getting wet and drying off inside. Mark W. joined us at 9th Ave for a R/T to 62nd st and the last run back to 59/C. Two women got on at West 4th St, thinking it was a D train (what else is new?). The trip ended at 5:15 PM and I was happy to ride the cars and went back to Brooklyn for these posts.

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Q R68 2778
D R68 2532

MOD Excursion Train special (from North motor to south motor as when trip started at 59th CC)

Brooklyn Union 1404
Brooklyn Union 1273
Brooklyn Union 1407
R1 100
R4 401
R7A 1575
R4 484

Q R68A 5029
Q R68 2876
A R44 5219
Q R68A 5160


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