WMATA's response to Madrid train bombings (678174)

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Posted by SchuminWeb on Sun Mar 21 15:46:23 2004

I went to DC on Saturday the 20th, and all I have to say is, so much for WMATA's new let-them-use-the-restroom policy. All the station manager kiosks now say, "Due to heightened security, station restrooms are closed until further notice for the safety of Metro customers and employees."

Additionally, WMATA has been running announcements reiterating some of their existing policy, and reminding customers to (A) make sure they take all their personal belongings with them, and (B) report any abandoned items to transit police or another uniformed Metro employee. Plus I saw a lot more WMATA employees wearing the fluorescent yellow vests than usual.

I am just amazed that they would close the restrooms. Sure, we don't want someone setting a bomb in there, but considering that you have to ask the station manager before using the restroom anyway, it seems somewhat excessive.

This change did not affect the self-cleaning restroom at Huntington, as you might imagine. It was in service, and fine as ever.

Ben F. Schumin :-)


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