WMATA Rehabilitated Bredas - Ridden and Photographed (643812)

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Posted by SchuminWeb on Sun Jan 18 20:50:18 2004

I was up in DC on Saturday, and finally got a chance to ride a rehabilitated Breda train. I rode a train with Breda 2075 as the lead (all photos are of 2075), and according to the train operator, it was the first day of revenue service for this train. Note the lack of advertisements in the train.

All in all, the rehabbed Bredas were nice. Really reminds me of a CAF, but a little different. The door chimes and announcements are the same as the CAF 5000's.

Here's some pictures of the Bredas. These will be included in my "The Schumin Web Transit Center" site, currently under construction. All photos are clickable, which will go to a larger version.

Front of the new Bredas. Note the "Emergency Access" sign on the door, and the LED sign. I'm told that the taillights are also now LED.

Operator's console.

End-of-car door. Note the "EXIT" signs on the door.

Wheelchair icon next to first and third doors.

LED sign replaces flip-dot sign. Also, that row of lights that appears to be off does not look like that in person.

Overview of the interior. Quite similar to the 5000 trains.

New sign above the priority seating next to the center door.

Center door, left side. Note "doors" is still plural, the light above the door, plus the "EXIT" sign.

Overview of exterior.

Non-cab end of car. Note sand-colored seats.

System map. I was surprised to find that the system map is not the most up-to-date. The map in the train still shows Morgan Boulevard as "Summerfield", and National Airport still has a short name.

Car numbers for Breda 2075 and 2074. Note the "AC" beneath the numbers.

Emergency exit door handle.

LED sign in action. Unlike the CAF trains, the LED on the Bredas is flush with everything else.

Car number on cab door. Unlike the Rohrs, "AC" is not at this location.

Arrows showing door side (we were arriving at Pentagon City). Also, the railfan window on these cars is really fan-friendly, being very light-colored.

Alstom nameplate. Says "Remanufactured by ALSTOM, Hornell, New York, USA". No more Breda horse.

Also, movies:

Stopping at Eisenhower Avenue - note the new door chimes
Approaching National Airport, with LED in action.

So there you are. Nice little train, it is.

Ben F. Schumin :-)


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