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Posted by King Solomon on Thu Mar 9 19:55:39 2000, in response to Re: B 110 Route,
posted by #9306WF on Thu Mar 9 17:12:11 2000.

I think I can shed some light on the B 110. The original franchise for Private Transportation Corp. was awarded to Marcus Perlstein, who was the first Orthodox Hasidic Jew in the bus business. I believe he started the service in 1960 with old rented 1948 GMC 4101s. Then with the help of UMTA funds he purchased 3 new TD 5302 Transit buses.
Then came an awful tragedy. His 22 year old son Izzy who was his right hand man was killed in the garage which at that time was on 39th St. & 13th Ave. He was crushed between 2 buses when the emergency brake accidentaly released. Old man Marcus never recovered from the awful tragedy and passed away the following year. The company was then taken over by Jack Marmerstein, one of his drivers.
Marmerstein was very successful and is still the owner of this line.
The bus runs every half hour. It starts at Lee Ave. & Taylor St. in Williamsburg, gets on the BQE at Wythe & Kent, then travels by way of the BQE, Gowanus and Prospect Expressways. It exits the Prospect at 10th Ave and travels down McDonald Ave to Fort Hamilton Parkway where it makes a right turn. It travels west along Fort Hamilton Parkway to 50th St. where it makes a left turn. It then stops at every block until it terminates at 18th Avenue. The return trip operates via 49th St., being that 49th & 50th Sts. are one way only. It operates every half hour and the one way fare is $2.00 It does not operate on the Jewish Sabbath which begins one hour before sundown Friday evening and terminates 72 minute after sundown on Saturday night. It also does not run on the major Jewish holidays of Passover, Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Succos, Shemini Atzeres and Shavuos. As a rule,men and women voluntarily sit on opposite sides of the bus. The bus does carry non Jewish persons or non-orthodox Jews, but they usually respect the traditions of the majority and sit accordingly. If anyone is unfamiliar with the tradition, the driver would never publicly embarass the stranger, but one of the fellow passengers might discreetly inform the stranger as to what the traditional behavior was. But nobody would ever get thrown off the bus. The bus usually starts running at 6 AM and runs until 1 AM.

Mr. Marmerstein also owns and operates Video Tours which does charters & Atlantic City line runs as well as New York Airport Bus Service which is the successor to Carey Transportation. All 3 companies operate out of his facility on 2nd Ave. between 6th & 7th St. in Park Slope.



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