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SubTalk: Re: HBLR railfanning => police action. Personal impressions (700560)

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Re: HBLR railfanning => police action. Personal impressions

Posted by SelkirkTMO on Sun May 2 14:59:53 2004, in response to Re: HBLR railfanning => police action. Personal impressions,
posted by Chris R27-R30 on Sun May 2 13:20:14 2004.

No, Kerry votes out of both sides of his mouth if you listen to THEM ... the repubs. (I won't bother with the arguments that THIS administration was going to give us "truth" and "integrity") I checked into the claims about "waffling" and it turns out that Kerry voted QUITE sensibly on the major issues, and even SOLIDLY so. However, if you know how the sausage works REALLY works, they'll tack "admendments" onto bills - for example, funding for a "theme park in Iowa" tacked onto the defense bill. LOTS of junk gets stuffed into REAL bills as amendments. In each of the cases where it was claimed Kerry "voted against our soldiers" that simply isn't true. But he DID vote against amendments for nonsense and chaff that was attached to defense bills and voted against the AMENDMENTS ... so Shrubbie and President Cheney turned THIS against Kerry claiming that he voted against the BILL and not the AMENDMENT.

But hey ... as Jack Nocholson said in that famous movie, when it comes to republicans, "You can't HANDLE the truth." :)


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