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SubTalk: Re: HBLR railfanning => police action. Personal impressions (700206)

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Re: HBLR railfanning => police action. Personal impressions

Posted by John J. Blair on Sat May 1 23:31:18 2004, in response to Re: HBLR railfanning => police action. Personal impressions,
posted by Jeff W on Sat May 1 23:10:32 2004.

It takes an INDUSTRIAL ECONOMY to reach for space. bu$h talks a good game but you STILL need a SATURN V or similar CAPSULE BASED vehicle system. HUGE FACTORIES are needed to build that stuff. You think some welfare "defense" contractor will build what is needed? they'd outsource the work to China, just like they do with the integrated circuits that made all of bu$hs toys work so well initially in Iraq. Private industry can no longer be trusted to develop anythind requiring secrecy from the Chinese, anyway. Since most of those companies' manufacturing capacity is in China, all the Chinese have to do is blackmail the CEO "tell us what we need to know or we'll nationalize the factories and cut you off" america is SOL!!!

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