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SubTalk: Re: HBLR railfanning => police action. Personal impressions (700171)

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Re: HBLR railfanning => police action. Personal impressions

Posted by Jersey Mike on Sat May 1 22:03:40 2004, in response to Re: HBLR railfanning => police action. Personal impressions,
posted by David Pirmann - Web Site Host on Sat May 1 21:08:34 2004.

It soulds like someone need to write to the ALCU. They have lawyers that specialize in this sort of thing and know the relevent law off hand.

It might actually be more efficient to hit the police up for damages after the fact. The big reason is that you don't have anything more to loose except the cost of filing suit. Small claims court is designed to be easy and a case for actual damages is pretty easy to make. You need to go into court and make the following three points.

1) Photography where you were located was legal

2) The police unlawfully threatened you and as a result forced you yo delete your photos

3) Those photos represented a $ amount of time and effort on your part that is now wasted.

If you sue for like $100 or so they might actually settle.


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