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SubTalk: Re: HBLR railfanning => police action. Personal impressions (700147)

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Re: HBLR railfanning => police action. Personal impressions

Posted by qtraindash7 on Sat May 1 20:49:05 2004, in response to HBLR railfanning => police action. Personal impressions,
posted by Stefan on Sat May 1 19:14:06 2004.

"It kind of started out wrong when an operator of the train a picture of which we were trying to take sounded a long "Booooooo!!" with his horn, and reached for his wireless. "

Yeah after that you should have just gotten out of there, I mean off the system.
That was my mistake yesterday. An LIRR engineer saw me taking a picture of his train and went for the radio. I should have left then. Instead I kept snapping away. And an MTA Police officer showed up to question me. Fortunately in my case he was nice. I dont know what I would've done if he asked me to delete photos. If I refused I'd probably have been arrested. If I did delete them, then I'd want his name and badge and to speak with his supervisor.
Then my next trip would be to a lawyer's office and the news.
I'm really shocked the news isnt covering these violations of civil liberties. Well maybe I shouldnt be so shocked.
The news is mostly owned by right wingers. I'm so upset I really want to get involved in a movement to get the situation across to the public. I've tried some internet groups, especially commuter groups like Straphangers and the LIRR Commuters Campaign. They could care less. Maybe the ACLU would be interested?
These civil rights violations are way more serious than these so-called "police brutality" cases. But you know they saying, "if it bleeds it leads". :-(


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