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SubTalk: Railfanning the 7 (690114)

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Railfanning the 7

Posted by astorplaceexpress on Mon Apr 12 17:43:06 2004

So, I thot altho it was such a crappy day that i could still get some great railfanning in on the 7, so my peeps and eyes thought we could some seri0us trippin' today. so after we get to 59th Columbus circle and wait for a downtown 8 train, whacha no, an R166 pulls in! wtf? I thout deez ridez wern't gonna be in da house until next year! so we take it to 5th ave and catch a 7 express to flushing around 10am. the ride from 5th to grand central was aiight, but once we passed queens plaza and dekalib it was trippin! what can i say, those R113's are off the hook! we got to woodside 61st and it waz off da hook...not only was the ride sweet, but diz blonde next to me was giving me da signs...oooh, we took the cab and I can say it waz the fastest ride I ever had to flushing!!!! the only thing bad about the day wuz the R127 we had to ride back on...what a trashy car!....nuttin like bling bling on da rails!

(Read carefully...hehe...you'll appreciate the jokes...)

"Never argue with an idiot, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience". Someone here has used this maxim to beat a few good Subtalkers senseless.


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