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SubTalk: Re: "INDENTRA" train describer loops: ??? (562859)

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Re: "INDENTRA" train describer loops: ???

Posted by R36 #9346 on Thu Sep 11 11:58:58 2003, in response to Re: "INDENTRA" train describer loops: ???,
posted by Jersey Mike on Thu Sep 11 00:18:37 2003.

[This system could easily be modified to effect automated platform sinage.]

At stations between 5th Avenue and Queensboro Plaza on the 7 line, there were signs hanging over the platform that used these Identra loops to light up either "Local" or "Express." They are no longer used now, and with the "new cars" (R62A's) coming in, I don't know if it'll ever be used again.


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