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BusTalk: Re: What's a Blitz? (15733)

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Re: What's a Blitz?

Posted by Wayne Johnson on Fri May 19 11:16:13 2000, in response to What's a Blitz?,
posted by RTS_2150 on Thu May 18 21:58:39 2000.

To add to what 1C/Ballston said...

Blitz rebuilt some NYCTA/MABSTOA GM fishbowls (I think 350 total) in 1984/85. All of the rebuilds were renumbered into the 5XXX series.

The NYCTA/MABSTOA Blitz rebuilds were 3 different models. They were:

TDH-5303AC - 50XX series
T6H-5305A - 51XX & 52XX series
T6H-5309A/10A - 53XX,54XX and 55XX series

Hope this helps...



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